Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Little Pie (From Cooking Simplicitea)


I love Scott Pilgrim. The movie, the books, everything. To the point I’ve considered buying certain game systems if only to play Scott Pilgrim games! Anyway, when I was re-reading Volume 2 (Scott Pilgrim vs. The World), I knew I had to make the vegan shepherds pie and tea it up! It turned out so tasty, it’s one of the few things I will eat as leftovers! I used Marsala, which is smoky with a bit of a cinnamon kick at the end, and it just amped up this dish so much. Warning, my version is decidedly not vegan.

The original recipe can be found in Scott Pilgrim vs the World (a transcript and scans of the pages can be found here), but I kinda wandered away from the recipe a LOT. Consider Scott Pilgrim the jumping-off point.

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