Cherry Potion Upside-Down Cake


Oh man, this turned out tasty. It was also a very good test of how much the tea flavor comes out when used in something like this, as I was unable to find maraschino cherries at my corner store. It was delicious! And fitting! The day after I made this, we saw “The Help”. Pineapple Upside-Down Cake was very popular in that era (1960s), and even gets a mention in the movie! So it felt very fitting that I made this cake the day before, and I even wore my polka-dot apron.

And it’s quick! If you make the butter ahead, it takes about 20 minutes to get this cake in the oven. And the butter…oh yes, I made tea butter. Well, tea margarine. A note: for all of my recipes, butter and margarine can be used interchangeably. We’re on a diet, we just can’t afford real butter! But if you were to make tea butter for something that needs solid butter (for creaming and such), you would want to use butter, not margarine, because the latter doesn’t resolidify so well.

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