Marsalapsang Joes and Skinny Buns (from Cooking Simplicitea)


Okay, so I cheated a little bit. My first post here and what do I do? I use one of my wife’s recipes.  But it’s a tasty one! And I made the buns…but only put the Skinny in because Drew told me to. He’s very pushy with tea, you know. Turns out the sweetness of them nicely balanced out the heat of the sloppy joe mix, so it all works out. But these sloppy joes are amazing…try them once and you’ll never eat that canned mix again! Which is good, because the sodium content in that mess is sky high and if you’re not watching your sodium intake, you should be, especially if you’re trying to lose weight as so many of us are (but you’re all beautiful to me!). If you’re not interested in bulking up the ground beef with TVP, it’s also very tasty when made with a full pound of ground beef.

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