Crockpot Bacon Potato Soup


I have so much love in my heart for this soup. It’s creamy without the cream, it’s bacony without the bacon…it’s everything bad for you without the bad for you part! It’s just darn tasty! And it freezes beautifully, which always makes me think of Steel Magnolias. “This is in the freezes beautifully section of my cookbook, and I wanted to bring something that freezes beautifully.” No pictures for this post, y’all, I always forget that part. Feel free to use whatever seasoned salt or chicken stock you have on hand, I’m just including my notes for those living on a low sodium diet. Be sure to peel the potatoes, I didn’t my first time making this, and it turned out a very unappetizing gray color.

Original recipe from here with a few changes made.

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