Madagascar Vanilla Matcha from Red Leaf Teas!


So now that I’ve caved into a growing adoration of matcha, I gave myself permission to cave to the siren’s call of Red Leaf Teas. My wife already adores them for their Earls, and Tea Equals Bliss on Steepster has nothing but good things to say about their matchas, so it was an easy next step to take. And the Madagascar Vanilla Matcha was an absolute must for me.

Anyway, on to the matcha. I’m in love, y’all. My wife asked how it was, and I could only put the mug down long enough to say “Oh my gawd….” Geez, I’m starting to sound like a Paula Dean special. There was no butter added to this tea, y’all, I promise. You all know how much I love vanilla, it’s my chocolate, to be perfectly honest. Especially French Vanilla….mmm. Anyway, this has a creaminess that reminds me of a good French Vanilla, but without being overwhelmingly sweet like some French Vanilla teas can be. The greenness of the matcha isn’t lost in the flavoring, it’s a very nice balance. It doesn’t taste artificial, it just tastes delicious and creamy and smooth and everything I ever wanted in a vanilla matcha. This is definitely one I plan to stock up on, once I’ve tried all of the ones I want to try! Next on my to buy list is cinnamon, and I’m already dreaming about mixing the cinnamon with the vanilla and drifting off into a delicious, delicious sunset! While full of excess energy, of course! Oooh, and mint for homemade, dairy-free Shamrock shakes! Mmmm….I see a lot of possibilities with this little beauty. Anywhere you need touch of creaminess, this matcha is there! Oh man, remember the blueberry pie I made with Vanilla Oolong? It would be out of this world with this matcha. And make it healthy! Well…healthy-ish.

This matcha inspires me to bake and blend my own flavors and just go crazy with matcha. I used to only drink matcha occasionally, but I think this particular tea might lead me down the road of “My Morning Matcha”. There are too many possiblities! Blueberries and Cream matcha, Shamrock Shakes, Dreamscicle matcha…do you see where I’m going with this? And the baking ideas are just as endless. Matcha butter cookies….oh hey, y’all! Lookie there, there is butter in this review. Dang.  I guess I am Paula Dean. I promise I will never deep fry matcha.