Lapsang Souchong Meatloaf


Oh my goodness. I thought my wife loved me after the Zing Me scones, but after this meatloaf…well. As long as I make this every week or so, we will have absolutely no marital problems. The original recipe comes from here, but I’ve made a few changes. We’re on a budget, so I can’t imagine ever using a pound and a half of beef for a single dish. However, if you are on a low sodium diet like we are, that website’s recipe archive is a godsend and a great resource. I use a recipe from there at least once a week. Also, I hope you haven’t gotten too used to pictures with my recipes, as I tend to cook while my wife is out, and taking pictures while cooking, well, it’s a recipe for disaster. There will occasionally be pictures, but only when she is home and willing to be my own personal paparazzi.

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