Hot Todd-Tea!


Okay, okay, this is a bit of a lame post, but very relevant to my current interests. I’m desperately trying to fight  off a cold, and I usually make my hot toddies with whiskey, lemon, and honey. Well, this usually results in a very painful shot that does eventually soothe my throat, but it also makes me slightly nauseated and kinda drunk. Cutting it with tea helps cut down on that whiskey burn and makes it last longer and soothe more. Although I do wish I had thought to sweeten the tea a bit with sugar, as I usually take sugar in my tea. Next time! I made mine with Nepal Black from, you guessed it, DavidsTea. Any black or green tea will do, my next toddy  will be with Buttered Rum! I might also try one with their cold remedy teas like Bravissimo (a personal favorite) or Gail’s Cold Remedy. And then I’ll either be feeling better or passed out drunk >.<.

Difficulty: Easy, unless you’re so sick you can barely walk. That’s when being married comes in handy.


1 cup hot tea

1 T honey

1 oz whiskey

1 T lemon juice


Pour enough honey to coat the bottom of your mug. Add the whiskey and the honey before pouring in the hot tea. Stir. Sip. Try to finish while it’s still at least warm.

One of my favorite…well, not really a favorite, but it works amazingly well…my best cold remedies is a shotglass: 1/3 honey, 1/3 whiskey 1/3 lemon + a pinch of cayenne. Hurts like hell, but works. Better than Buckley’s! It stands to reason that if you’re truly desperate, a pinch of cayenne would work here too, but I’m not brave enough to try it.


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