Just a quick little update


So! Last week, I got a job. My first job since the move to Canada, yay! My first job in two years, yay! But I’m hitting the ground running, so to speak. I started on Thursday, and so far I’ve worked 28 hours. This coming week I’ve got 45 hours, including a 10.5 hour day (today) and a 11.5 hour day (tomorrow). Combine this with either 30 minutes of transit each way, or an hour of transit each way (I’m working two different locations) and the fact that I haven’t worked in two years, and I just don’t have the time or the energy to experiment with cooking for the next week or two. Eventually my schedule will even out a bit and I’ll be mostly part time, but right now I’m taking a break from (trying to have) regular updates. I’ll update when I can.

The good news is, it’s a job I really enjoy, and the long bus rides will give me  chance to write up my posts so all I have to do when I get home is type them up. The other good news is the job is just around the corner from a DavidsTea (well, one location), so because DavidsTea is awesome like that, I’ll get a discount. Just what I need, an excuse to buy more tea, right?

Also, if you live near a DavidsTea and haven’t tried their new Mom’s Apple Pie yet, run to your nearest location and try it. You’ll thank me for it. It is truly amazing. I’m thinking of making a caramel apple pie with it, or something as simple as oatmeal cookies…or both!


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