Pumpkin Chai Butternut Squash Soup


So I’ve been planning this one for a while. As soon as I found a recipe for butternut squash soup, I had to try it with Pumpkin Chai. I *had* to. And with Pumpkin Chai coming back into stores just a few days ago, now seemed the perfect time to try it. It was cruel, leaving this in the crockpot for 8 hours…gah! The house smelled like everything I love about fall. Apples, squash, and warm cinnamon spices. Yum. So much yum. I shared half of this with my mother in law…I kinda regret that now. Ha!

I made mine with my homemade chicken stock, but next time I’ll use veggie so the sister in law can have some. Next time I also won’t dump a bunch of the tea leaves into the crockpot…they did not blend well. Ah well, you experiment, and you learn!

I started with the recipe found here and made a few changes.

Difficulty: Medium, if only because of the squash cutting


1 butternut squash

2 T olive oil

2 onions

4 cups broth, chicken or vegetable

2 small apples, peeled and cubed

1.5 t salt

1.5 T Pumpkin Chai leaves


It really is simple, but getting the squash cut in half can be a bit tricky. The original poster recommends zapping it in the microwave, but I haven’t personally tried it. Once you get it cut in half and scoop out the seeds and stringy stuff, brush the top of it with olive oil and put it in a 400 degree oven until the flesh pulls away from the skin easily. It took me about 30 minutes.

While that’s cooking, heat the stock on the stove until it’s boiling. Add the tea leaves and let steep for 5-6 minutes before straining it into your crockpot. Cut up the apples and onions, they don’t have to be small, just cubed. Put all of that into the crockpot and turn it on high so the apples and onions start to cook.

When the butternut squash finishes roasting, peel the skin off and put the flesh into the crockpot and cook on low for 6-8 hours or high for 4.  I used my immersion blender to make it into a smooth soup, but you could also use an upright blender, or even a Magic Bullet in very small doses. Delicious.

I hope you enjoy this one! I know I did.


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