Teapots! Christmas


This post will be about the first teapot I put to any real use, the lovely Christmas one pictured above with my adorable penguin bells. Before my first Christmas here in Canada, my mother-in-law gave us a HomeSense gift card. It had become glaringly obvious to me that I did not have a proper teapot and as a fledgling Canadian, I was in dire need of one.

Isn’t it cute?

So when we were given the HomeSense gift card, the logical thing for us to use it for was a teapot! I had never been in a HomeSense before and didn’t quite know how to find what I was looking for, so the only two pots I could find were this one and a plain white one. We’ve since gotten much better at finding things in HomeSense, and we can usually find a good teapot for $10-$15. Some of my favorite pots are from HomeSense. See the headless bunny and sad teddy bear teapots in the bookshelf picture. They usually have some pretty good stuff on clearance, if you know where to look.

Anyway. Christmas was still a few months away, but it was cold enough for me to justify the purchase and use of this seasonal teapot. Plus, it’s just adorable, I couldn’t pass it up. We took it home and the next time I saw my in-laws, I proudly offered to make a pot of tea. Of course, I used this Christmas teapot well into summer until I was able to purchase my next teapot, but that’s another post.

That first Christmas away from home was a hard one. I had never had a Christmas without my parents near and it was tough. This teapot was essential to that time for me. It began my love affair with tea as I began to see the merits of a hot cuppa after a snowy walk. Few things could cheer me up like a good cup of tea. There were also many, many times I would make a pot of tea and call my mom to just chat. My mother has always been fond of hot tea, not in a religious way like the English, but hot tea always makes me think of her, so it was a great comfort to me when I was missing her.

So that’s the story of my pretty little Christmas teapot that I can’t bear to pack away during the summer months. By this time next week, I’ll be visiting my parents in Tennessee for the first time since I moved to Canada, so it’s fitting that I’m writing about a pot that helped me through some rough, homesick times.


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