In which Rita admits to having done nothing today.


So I was supposed to make eggrolls for dinner tonight, but died of tired and allergies and decided to go with something easier instead. This recipe isn’t exactly hard, it’s simply labor-intensive. I’m also in the process of switching my music files from Windows Media Player to iTunes and having to do a lot of reorganizing because of this. I have over 60 gigabytes of music in my music folder. I started this process around 11 this morning and as of 5 this evening, I’m halfway through “B”. Ah well. I did take a few breaks to fix windows and do laundry. It takes three loads of laundry to wash our sheets because we each use a king size comforter and then there’s the sheets and pillow cases, so washing the sheets is an all-day thing. And in the summer, it gets complicated.

See, last summer and this summer, I am dealing with allergies from hell. There have been a few days I’ve been okay with not taking anything, but usually I have to take a Reactine once a day (Zyrtec for my American buddies). Lately, on some of my bad days or when I’ve had to be outside for an extended period, I’ve had to take a Reactine as soon as I wake up, a sudafed/chlortrimeton mix every 4-6 hours, 3-4 spoonfuls of local honey (local honey = local pollens), and 3-4 cups of green tea with vitamin C (both known antihistamines). Some days I can be outside with no problem and other days my wife will come in from work and be immediately sent to the shower because I’m sneezing my brains out.

This affects the laundry in that while my wife loves line-dried sheets, if my comforter and pillowcase are line-dried, I die a slow and painful pollen-related death. So half of it goes in the dryer while her half goes out on the line to save a bit of money, at least. So I did manage to get that done. And I helped with the fixing of the windows.

We have the best tenants in the world. No, really, we do. We’ve earned them, but that’s a story for another post. Maybe tomorrow I’ll go into the story about the hellish tenants. But these tenants are the best. They fix things around the house, they take responsibility for their apartment and repairs needed there. They have one child and realize that letting a child rule the home is not a good parenting strategy. They make the effort not to disturb us, and make it easy for us to do the favor. They’re friends of friends and great people. They make it easy for us to be landlords. There are times when I’m in the house and I literally forget that we even have tenants, which is a huge and welcome change. Which isn’t to say we don’t like having tenants, it’s just nice to feel alone in your own home sometimes. The best thing is they’re not afraid to say “Hey, it’s kinda cold down here, could you turn the A/C off?” or ask me to turn the music down, though they have yet to do that. They’re just a very welcome breath of fresh air.

Anyway, this is important because today, the male tenant fixed our screen in our bedroom window, which the cats had torn out. I helped by chatting with him and distracting the child XD. I’m super helpful that way.

So…yeah. I did a whole lot of nothing today. I was going to post the recipe for Zing Me Eggrolls, but maybe tomorrow after I actually make them. Ah, the life of a housewife…isn’t it exciting?

I did ask a question of my steepster friends that I will ask of my friends here. If you could only take five teas with you on a trip, which five would you take and why? Keep in mind that I’ll be going to Nashville…exploring the local tea shops isn’t really an option.

My tea for the day:

Orange Pekoe from DavidsTea

Honeybee from DavidsTea


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