An introduction of sorts


This is a bit intimidating. Big blank page.

Well, as Maria said, “let’s start at the beginning, a very good place to start…”

We’ll start with the name of my blog, aisling of tea. It’s a play on words in a few ways. You see, my wife majored in Celtic studies at St. Francis Xavier University in Nova Scotia. As long as we’ve been together, she’s called me her “aisling”, which is Irish for dream. Sweet, right? So when I sign up for a username now, I tend to reach for aislingofDe, as she has recently begun to go by the name “De”. But since tea and my love of it spurred on this blog, I opted for aisling of tea instead. See what I did there?

Okay, it’s not that clever, but I like it. Brings in elements of my relationship with my wife and it also means I’m dreaming of tea, which I always am…well, I like it, and that’s what matters, right?

On to what brought this blog about. A few months ago, a friend and I started a blog titled “Cooking Simplicitea“. We are all about the tea puns here. We posted recipes and had a good time, but it kinda fizzled and died after a while. Too many cooks in the kitchen, one might say. Last week, however, I had two different people ask me if I had a blog. One directed me towards, and while I like that site a lot, I prefer wordpress because my blog isn’t just about tea. Well, it won’t be, at least, and if down the road I want to take my blog in a different direction, I would feel more free to do so with wordpress than with a site specifically about tea.

Anyway, I am frequently on Steepster and when I review each tea, I usually have a story to tell along with it. I feel bad, because most of my “reviews” are more me babbling and telling a story than an actual review of the tea, which is entertaining but not really helpful to the person who just wants to know if the tea really does taste like black currants. So decided to make a place of my own for my tea stories and such.

My wife has always believed I would be able to write an interesting blog about being a housewife in the modern world, so that helped me make my decision.

So here it is. Sometimes it will be a blog about certain teas, other times it will be a recipe for my latest creation with tea. It might be a blog about Bella and Pekoe, our cats, and yes, Pekoe is orange. Bella’s full name is Rosabella, never to be confused with that Twilight mess. I also do a lot of low-sodium cooking, so those recipes might appear here and there as well. It’s very simply a blog about me and my life.

Who am I? I’m married to the most wonderful woman in the world, I am the mama to two crazy little cats. I am a landlord for some awesome tenants. I am a happy hooker, by which I mean I crochet, not that other thing. I collect teapots, cards, elephants, and penguins. I don’t keep a spotless house, but I try to keep a clean one. For the last two years I’ve been a housewife unable to work due to immigration paperwork, but now I’m just unemployed, which isn’t nearly as nice. I’m an American living in Canada, a Southern girl in heart but a Yankee girl by birth.

I can be found on:




So….welcome to my little corner of the internet! I’ll be moving my recipes over from Cooking Simplicitea, so I apologize in advance!


3 thoughts on “An introduction of sorts

  1. Welcome to the blogosphere (again)

    I agree with you about Steepster – I’d write an essay and then the next review would be ” 2 teaspoons, 80 degrees, a little bitter”

    I blog on teatrade with my own blog (the Devotea’s Tea Spouts) and also a satirical (don’t tell anyone) ‘Men’s Group’ called The Beasts of Brewdom. This gives me different outlets for different stuff. I wander all over the topics, just as long as I squeeze a little tea in, I get away with it. I also shoot ‘cooking with tea videos’, so we might have to face the fact that we could be long lost twins separated at birth.

    I’ve just signed up for email updates and I’m looking forward to reading what you have to say.

  2. Thanks for the warm welcome! Maybe we are twins! I have some questions for my mother now…

    I hope you enjoy my blog and I’m going to go look up yours right now! Welcome to my crazy little mind. 🙂

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